One of our favorite tours has us going to see Niagara Falls as it cascades into Quesnel  Lake near the end of the East arm. Its waters start high up in the Glaciers in the Cariboo Mountains.

We usually go for a gentle hike up the valley above the falls,  or you can just relax on the shores of Quesnel Lake if you prefer as you enjoy lunch.
0ur tours can also take you to other special falls each with their own magic and charm.

On one adventure you can walk under the falls as it drops in front of you, a lot of photographers really spend time getting fabulous images.

For anyone with Mobility issues we have falls that thunders above and below you, this is a magnificent setting in the mountains.

Because there is water we have fishing rods along and if you have a license, we are certified angling guides on the rivers.

Professionally guided tours, Grizzly viewing, nature hikes, waterfall hikes, and old growth forests.

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