May we be your guides and transport you into the Majestic Cariboo Mountains of British Columbia’s Central interior.

Observe Grizzly Bears  Roaming their domain of mountains and Rivers feasting on Sockeye Salmon in the fall as they make their way back to the spawning grounds. Your experience will be of a national geographic quality level and the adventures will have you fully energized as you reconnect with nature.

Grizzly King Tours. On our Wildlife Viewing Safaris we will take you by Jet Boat into the heart of the Cariboo Mountains’ where you may see, Grizzly Bears, Moose, Beavers and if we are lucky baby Grizzlies, for the last two decades we have been quietly and respectfully being sharing this incredible adventure.

Your guide is a certified Bear Viewing Guide and has decades of wilderness experience and knowledge.
Nature Hikes into the worlds only inland temperate Rainforest, In this special place you get to view giant Red Cedar trees in the old growth forest, some as old as 1000 years. We often just stop and breathe and feel the natural energy from the land. Many clients have had powerful  feelings as they reconnect with the earth.

One of our favorite tours has us going to see Niagara Falls as it cascades into Quesnel  Lake near the end of the East arm. Its waters start high up in the Glaciers in the Cariboo Mountains.

We usually go for a gentle hike up the valley above the falls,  or you can just relax on the shores of Quesnel Lake if you prefer as you enjoy lunch.
0ur tours can also take you to other special falls each with their own magic and charm.

On one adventure you can walk under the falls as it drops in front of you, a lot of photographers really spend time getting fabulous images.

For anyone with Mobility issues we have falls that thunders above and below you, this is a magnificent setting in the mountains.

Because there is water we have fishing rods along and if you have a license, we are certified angling guides on the rivers.
A walk in the Clouds
We visit an amazing Basalt rock formation, created when the volcanoes were shaping the land.

Basalt is a rapid cooling low-viscocity lava rich in magnesium and iron.
As you walk on them you climb closer to the sky. These make incredible photos to remember your trip by.. A short 15 minute hike away there are falls to see as well.

Professionally guided tours, Grizzly viewing, nature hikes, waterfall hikes, and old growth forests.

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